A few tips to enhance your living space


More often than not, it is the negligence of little things which affect the totality of design. Here are a few tips on how to make your living space breathe your class and taste.


Perfect Flooring


There’s nothing such as an ‘ideal flooring solution’. You just need to make sure that the flooring you choose should reflect your identity as well as satisfy the utility quotient of the space. Knowing the character and effect of the material would help a great deal in generating the desired effect.


  • Wood flooring versus Laminate flooring

    The choice between wood and laminate flooring depends on the geography and climate of where you live. Wood provides warmth and renders a character to the space. Wood is environment friendly. However if you live in a place with warm climate, wood may not be ideal since it could easily be damaged by the attack of termites and also due to moisture. Once the wood wears off, the whole look of the flooring will get affected due to blotches and strains.


    Laminate flooring is comparatively cost effective, as well as it can copy the exact appearance of wooden flooring. Laminate flooring also passes for durability and long life. However laminate flooring is not fit for areas prone to water in your home or office like toilets, bathrooms etc. Also they are vulnerable to scratches and once damaged, the only option left is replacement.


  • Stone versus Tile


    Hard and cold to walk on

    Prone to stains and hence requires periodical sealing

    Thin grout lines

    Might contain fissures

    Demands more maintenance



    Can copy the look and appearance of stone

    Tiles can stand more wear and tear and saves you the worry of sealing

    Grout discoloring

    More cost effective compared to stone flooring



    Arrangement and layout of furniture in rooms


  • Think of nothing other than pen, paper and homework before anything else.
  • Get a tape and jot down the dimensions.
  • Take a walk around and list down the functionalities, what all you’d like to do in your room.
  • You can take assistance of a space-planning service to get an exact picture of what and where.


    Architect or Interior Desinger


    Primarily the difference between an architect and an interior designer lies in the point of departure. An architect is a well-trained, rigorously educated person who has a thorough understanding of the place, conditions and even the flora and fauna of the environment and how the structure interacts with them. Before conceptualizing a structure, the architect also has an intimate knowledge of type of people who inhabit the structure. In other words, a good part of an architect’s work is in conceptualizing the project and giving it a shape. However, there are architects who’d love to work on designing the interiors as well.


    An interior designer works inside out and makes sure the space is livable. He/she has a lot of things to consider. The psychology of the client, functionality, and while choosing materials, the interior designer should even think whether the client likes the product choice or not.


    Most firms have a team of Architects and interior designers to work on a project right from the scratch to finish.



    Why an Ottoman works miracles in your living room?


    An ottoman is a single fit-in which, if tastefully placed, can raise the design of your living room a couple of rungs more. Placing an ottoman might be only’ seemingly simple’. Since it shows your taste and to an extent gives out your status.


    A big –sized ottoman can make the beauty of your room more appealing and imposing. You can decide the size of other furniture based on the scale and size of the ottoman. But for the it is better to make sure that the ottoman should suit the size of your seating or should b ideally lower to make the seating easy. Also if you pick a colour for the ottoman which blends with rest of the colours from the other furniture, it can give a themed, meticulous look to the room. Function-wise, there’s nothing that else which would surpass an ottoman, the flip top cushion could be a wonderful, non disturbing storage. Also ottoman doubles as a typical coffee-table too.



    Size matters in Interior design


    To put it simply very object comes with a size. It is important that when you choose objects, they go with the size of your room. It is ideal to choose furnishings of varied sizes to give the design a balanced look.


    Nice choice of scaled pieces and an economy of objects create a harmonious living ambience.


    The order of things and the size of object directly create a relativity quotient.



    How to make a small kitchen a smart one?


    Three aspects come in your check list while planning your kitchen








    1. Choose small and compact appliances which doesn’t disturb the size and wouldn’t occupy more storage space. A wide range of kitchen appliances come in small sizes fitting the cabinet space.


    2. Focus on the centre of the kitchen


    3. Proper lighting can make the kitchen look bigger


    4. Non linear Flooring can create an illusion of more length.


    5. Decorate your kitchen with pots and other natural looking objects to make it welcoming.