What’s the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?


An interior decorator may work in a variety of venues from a design showroom to a retail store. There is no government regulation regarding the work of an interior decorator and they spend less time in school. Interior decorators are concerned only with the look or appearance of a building or space.


An interior designer has a more specialized career field, requiring a certain combined level of education and work experience. An interior designer may also deal with issues of safety like accessibility and building codes as well as having additional experience with architecture. Interior designers have to be able to design a space and deal with possible problem areas using skills to create a solution, focusing on function in addition to aesthetics.



How does it work – working with an interior designer?


Working with an interior designer is all about communication and trust. Given that every designer and every project is different, it is best to discuss likes, wants, needs, and a budget with your design professional to create the best working relationship for both of you. The designer will select furniture, paints, and fabrics, do drawings and get pricing in order to present them to you to choose from. Interior designers can also orchestrate the scope of a project with various sub-contractors if needed, to ensure that every detail is accounted.



Can you design any style?


All of our creative interior designers are fully qualified to work with all types of styles and design concepts, so that we can provide whatever our clients require. We are professionals with years of experience to meet your various design needs.



Is it true that a designer's influence leads to an increase in the project cost?


With years of specialized education and training, coupled with practical experience in their field, interior designers are capable of bringing the construction costs down considerably. Most importantly, they can guarantee you value for money. Design solutions that ensure minimum wastage, assisting clients to get discounts from suppliers, and verifying contractors’ bills, contribute largely to achieving a reduction in wastage



When and why should I seek the services of an interior designer? What are the benefits?


You should seek an interior designer before you start your home or office project. A designer takes the research out of a project by listening to clients’ wants, needs, and budget, and then presenting a few choices to select from. An interior designer will save you time and money, and simplify your life by guiding you to prevent costly mistakes such as purchasing items too small or large for the space.



How long will it take for the project to complete?


Completion of the project depends upon various factors like the scope of work, complexity of the design, your own ability to make decisions using choices provided by the designer, level of planning done before actual construction, time at your disposal and flow of money.